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The Easiest Water Safety Service in the Market

Do you want to save time, energy, and money while reducing your environmental impact?

LeakLook is the perfect solution for you!

We offer a comprehensive property water consumption monitoring service that helps you track water usage in real-time and with precision. With LeakLook, you’ll receive immediate notifications about water leaks and can react quickly to prevent further damage and costs. Additionally, you can monitor your water consumption and make necessary adjustments to save water, energy, and money.

Our solution is suitable for use in various types of properties, such as apartment buildings, residential units, offices, commercial, and industrial properties. We provide you with a tailored solution that meets the specific needs of your property.

If you want to be environmentally responsible, save water and money, while avoiding extra expenses and damages, choose LeakLook. Contact us today and request a quote!

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Average water savings through consumption monitoring

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Main Water Metering

LeakLook service monitors the property’s main water meter and sends alerts when there are water leaks or other water usage disruptions.

Service can be integrated with home automation and property information systems. In this case, water consumption data is automatically directed to the desired system.

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Sub Water Metering

Compliant remote apartment water metering brings savings and security. This modern solution also simplifies the work of property managers and enables precise and fair water billing in housing cooperatives.

With apartment-specific water metering, housing cooperatives can save up to 30% of their usual water consumption. The reduction in hot water usage is directly reflected in the decrease in the cooperative’s energy bill.


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Water savings

Understand and be aware of your water consumption. It enables water conservation and puts an end to unnecessary waste.

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Prevent damages

Prevent major water damage thanks to a smart leak detector. The leak detector can be configured to send alerts either via email or text message.

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Cost Savings

Reduce your water and energy bills. Measure consumption cost-effectively and minimize manual work for meter reading and billing. Avoid costly water damage with real-time leak alerts.

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Environmental Protection

By enhancing water efficiency, you protect the environment and earn points towards environmental certifications.

Housing cooperatives have expressed a need for a single system to provide information on electricity, heating, and water consumption. We found LeakLook, whose smart solution perfectly addresses the challenges faced by our clients. Digitalized water data allows real-time water consumption monitoring. The value of LeakLook lies in its problem alerts and consumption tracking.

If the service helps us catch even one water leak in time and prevent it, it has more than paid for itself.



LeakLook’s water consumption monitoring service is a great system that proved its effectiveness and necessity, most recently last Sunday morning.

It provided a notification of unusual water consumption. In one apartment, a shower left running in the early hours of the morning was the cause. We avoided more significant damage and were able to pinpoint the leak and limit the water inflow to a few cubic meters, which fortunately went down the drains and didn’t affect the structures. It worked as intended.



The service enables tracking of water consumption. The data clearly shows variations in consumption at different times and helps to understand the typical daily water usage. This also makes it easier to detect any consumption spikes. When there are spikes, I have investigated what causes them, such as whether the water usage by washing machines aligns with the normal patterns. The data also provides insights into shower water usage.



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