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LeakLook’s sub water meters provide an easy and reliable way to measure individual unit’s cold and hot water consumption in residential properties. Our system is designed to work seamlessly in all types of residential buildings, whether they are new constructions or renovation projects.

Our system enables effortless consumption-based billing, making life easier for residents and reducing the administrative workload for property management.

The sub water metering system is a modern, reliable, and cost-effective way to monitor water consumption. The investment in the system quickly pays off as you save water and energy and efficiently manage consumption.

Choose LeakLook’s sub water metering system and save time, money, and effort!


Modern and highly accurate water metering is easy and cost-effective!



Our sub water meter consumption measurement is based on advanced remote-readable water meters equipped with digital ultrasonic technology. This state-of-the-art technology enables wireless data transmission of consumption data to the LeakLook cloud service, making apartment-specific consumption monitoring easy and hassle-free.

LeakLook’s water consumption measurement system allows for consumption-based billing, based on actual usage. This means you can forget about guesswork and uncertainty in billing and pay only for what you have actually consumed. Our system is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly, so you can focus on other matters rather than monitoring water consumption and paying bills.


WORRY-FREE Water Safety

Our water consumption measurement system is equipped with advanced technology that allows real-time monitoring and alerts if anything suspicious is detected. This is particularly important if you live on an upper floor or in an apartment where the risk of water damage is higher.

With LeakLook’s leak detector, you can sleep soundly at night, knowing that we are taking care of your apartment’s safety. Additionally, if you are away from home for an extended period, you can conveniently monitor water consumption and potential alerts remotely through the mobile app.

Connect our water consumption measurement system to your apartment’s leak detector and enjoy safe and worry-free living.


Savings & Facts

We believe that water consumption monitoring is the key to saving and protecting the environment.

Changing our consumption habits to be more economical is not easy unless we have a clear and simple way to monitor our usage. With LeakLook’s water consumption measurement system, you can easily and effortlessly track your consumption in numerical values. This enables you to change your consumption habits and make savings.

LeakLook’s water consumption measurement system is designed to be simple and user-friendly. We want to help you save water and energy, so you can make environmentally friendly choices in your everyday life. Save money and the environment simultaneously – choose LeakLook’s sub water consumption measurement system.

Why choose LeakLook sub water metering?

Highly accurate, remote-readable digital ultrasonic water meters are wireless and long-lasting.

Affordable and easy

No need to go around the property collecting water consumption data

Cost-effective installation

Wireless system, no wiring, and flexible installation position

Data available at the right place

Significantly eases the work of property managers and individual billing


Residents can track hot and cold water consumption from a computer or smartphone, with the meter also featuring its own display.


Automatic consumption reports, leak monitoring, and alerts

Quick and easy installation (no wiring).

Low-maintenance system

5-year warranty on water meters

Wireless solution

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You can share your water consumption data via the API interface with almost any other system.



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